CCP blunders past and present

The new chat system?


Um, oh the launching of the new expansion after Castor…that was fun. Had to roll the entire thing back and couldn’t log on for days.

Oh yeah, learning skills. those hurt, and hurt even more a bit later when they got rid of them.

SOV mechanics…every fix made it more and more convoluted.

Nerfed speed…WTF!! the idea of the game is “fun” and CCP killed fun…NANO PHOONS!!!

Splash damage for Torps, yeah that was pretty cool.

In a game where long term fan commitment and enthusiasm has been the driving force for the game’s success and exposure to the outside world, CCP’s decision to gut the Customer Relations department as a cost saving measure is just stunning in its stupidity.


ha ha that’s epic. However back then I’m sure there was a few that still used FAT and could get round it with a DOS disc. Failing that, Linux live boot could fix the problem too by creating your own Boot.ini
They are totally correct. Why Microsoft never secured boot.ini is a little silly. It could be to do with dual boots and other stuff. You can Still edit Boot.ini in windows 10 via Win+R > Msconfig.

“We all have to die sometime…”

AFK cloaking hasn’t as much as been mentioned in the 8.5 years I’ve been involved with Eve. Top of 99% of players complaints since the day I started.

Unlimited inexpensive wardecs with no purpose for what are nothing more than school yard high-sec bullies.

Somer Blink was an obvious CCP ISK sink, though they claim zero involvement but it could not have existed without explicit aid from CCP.

Low cost of wardecs and sovreignty.

Corp/Alliances numbers are far too high. Should be max 250 for a corp and max 1000 for alliance.

They have allowed far too many things to grow out of control. They just keep feeding the bloated blue donut with new meat at the expense of much needed global agitation.

The update cadence is garbage. There are still a dozen things that most players couldn’t tell you if they are currently still in the game or will soon be in the game or have been taken out of the game…

The Summer/Winter update schedule was polished, clean and you knew everything that was current and what was gone. Now they just slip random garbage in here and there without the ability of players to give any sort of meaningful feedback…



Hmm, blunders…oh, I know!




I haven’t read the thread yet so apologies if I’m repeating this.

CCP has succeeded (such as it is) with this game not because of their practice of hiring from the somewhat biased player pool, but despite it.

It’s actually a miracle that EVE (AKA Goons R Us) has lasted as long as it has.

What’s the problem with structures mate ?

*hands you a sticker*



I remember some dude got fired over this, he came to the forums to rant at CCP about it. He installed eve on a work computer that managed a multistorey car park or something, and after installing eve it wouldn’t boot up and the carpark was gridlocked for half a day with stuck traffic. Was pretty funny.


People who play EVE at work better stay selfemployed.

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Not really. ISK was moving from players to Somer but not out of the system.

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You radically christian? Orr radically conservative?

Or both?

Everyone has a body. And everyone has - or should have - the free will to show it off as they please. Judge them not, lest you be be judged and found to be worse.


After 14 years, still not having any Eve merchandise that anybody really wants to buy. E.g. ship models, posters, car/fridge magnets, etc. Despite a professional marketer’s volunteer efforts to help out.


Imagine only how we could have been all gathered in a bar somewhere in station and talk about how CCP made WiS that was a success

I Imagine it so…

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Yea, i have bought mouse pad with EvE related picture from Ali Express because it is better than nothing…
Shame actually


Mintchip lives and plays games like always. No need to hate on her.


Ah, yes…I see mintchip seems well enough. "Gamer mom " “retired eve online wench” Well, congratulations to her, that’s great!
I don’t hate her, Nana. Just pointing out it may be she could come back at some point.