CCP blunders past and present

In light of all the ‘eves dying’ posts/videos, I thought it would be useful to see historically what cock ups have happened and if indeed they are making improvements.

The biggest one I can think of was the T20 scandal. This wasn’t really a blunder on CCP but I think how it was handled was. Here’s a link that explains it well if you hadn’t heard of it Scandal

What do yo think their biggest mess was ?


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You know what, this is probably the #1 issue ever.

boot.ini was pretty bad


Please enlighten us…

They used to have a file called boot.ini in the game client, on one update when they were going to remove that file they made a mistake in the cleanup/uninstaller and didn’t point it properly to the game client’s installation.

An Windows used to have a boot.ini in the root of the OS drive to handle how WIndows starts, now the game client deleted this file instead, with the result that if you were to reboot your computer it would not boot up due to the missing boot.ini for the OS.

The full details can be read


Yeah that’s big .


Not creating a special subforum for all the whine threads so ISD can shove all those into the cry-space and General Discussion can have some interesting EVE related discussions.


One of the worst things was not thinking twice about hybridising marketing/community/communications politicies when making the move to reddit.

Extrapolating consequences of that has been interesting, and shocking.

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Keeping Hilmar.


This gets award for being relevant today:

Running text chat as a standalone service with an industry standard protocol opens up new future of possibilities.

Possibilities means actually trouble.


You can even buy a pair of boot.ini boots ingame if you find one on market. CCP thought ■■■■■■■ up people’s computers was worth joking about.


nice … thx for the story … didnt know that one
just bought a pair of boots.ini rofl

such stuff happens … ok … its bad to say that but its really like that
i know some companys … pff … there is even more defect after an “update” crashing MBRs, killing drivers, such stuff … its ot nice but it happens

and i think the boots.ini is funny … when you know the story

thx again

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The “Greed is Good” leaked newsletter.


Ohhh, that was sooooo good…lol Burn, baby, burn.

Deciding to be based in Iceland so that for 3 months out of the year development and maintenance and customer service is put on hold while the Europeans leave the office for WEEKS at a time.

Could you imagine if during summer World of Warcraft just said “Sorry guys, the game will be off of hold in 2 months, it’s hot outside”



The bigist and worst debacle, pos mods making the highest end t2 reactions with no inputs on delibritly bugged out pos’s and more materials in the system than there could be…the cost to people investing in the production of things from moon goo was incalcuable…the game is still paying for that crap today in lost playerbase…the second worst debacle was Dominion which has cut the playerbase in half…8 years ago the server top end average daily population was kicking in the door at 60 thousand users…today barely break 30k Failminion i called it then and still call today. and why did they do that patch.,to try and wipe out providence, still here CCP…next they have taken away all our outposts…whats next CCP banning provoblock on the slighests whim?

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Apart from the boot.ini thing (which was dumb as hell for many reasons) there was this cool… “incident” where standing lists got reset, resulting people being purged from POS shields or, worse, being attacked by previously friendly POS guns.

Years ago we also had an update that resulted in the server being offline for 5+ days.

It all comes down to zero/shoddy QA and amateurism.

Reality is eve is already dead and CCP is doing an excelent job in keeping people still playing it.

By adding dumb stuff to the game they attract credit card warriors to keep inflation from going through the roof till the point the game will be unplayable with prices like 1 zillion isk for a piece of ammo (too many zeros to fit in the screen)