Servers not up yet



It has been trying to start up 2 times already. Maybe it’s fighting back against CCP trying to kill it. Send thoughts and prayers.

It’s starting up a 3rd time now. Maybe that’s the charm.

Nope, 3rd time is not the charm. :joy:

Down is the new up.

The Great Reset is real.

Hello ?

The hamsters must have had a really tiring Halloween that’s all I’m going to say.

Not sure if this helps, but check you haven’t removed boot.ini again.

On that subject, where is the dev blog on the boot.ini incident? I cannot find it now, it was up for a long time.

Anybody got an archive copy of it?

Perhaps CCP should NFT it.

About the boot.ini issue | EVE Online

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay, TQ is up and is expected to be accepting connections momentarily.


That’s the one, thanks.

We’re just trolling… you know that right… about time there’s some lighthearted threads in here :smiley:

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Crashes always happen on holidays. That’s the Murph’s law.

“Daily shutdown is 15 minutes long”

ayyyyyyyyyyy lmao…

30 minutes and going on…

Tranquility is back up and accepting connections!


Heyho, are you sure, everything is up? Feels like most of the ingame secondary API is missing or rrrreeeeaaaallllyyy slow (daily gifts, pi, industry and skills).

EDIIT: Things are working as expected now.

Anyhow, ton of regards,


How about some percussive maintenance?

–Gadget smacks her PC “WORK!”


Same Spiel today? Is this also part of CCP’s successful strategy of breaking up of TQ into microservices?

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sips coffee

And same spiel again today, with added inability to log in accounts at all because of 500 server error. After I clicked on “Add account”, the launcher just tells me that there’s an unknown 500 server error and I can’t go back to the accounts list at all without restarting the launcher…

Even funnier: If you try to log in on, the website goes bonkers with incredibly fast reloads that changes the Ray-id several times per second.



and very well…

Tranquility is currently starting up, slightly behind schedule, and should be accepting connections by 11:25

E: Tranquility came online with all services greet at 11:22