TQ died again

Fabulous. We are not even at DT, Vanguard has just started and already we are having issues.

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Same tooo
First experienced extreme laggs and now offline

Tired server hamster


Someone needs to go put a coin in the meter

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Move the Servers to Finland :wink:

Once again… This is not even a surprise.
Last few days i met alot of lags.

try: git reset HEAD~1

CCP to nerds: “Go touch grass. Shut up, I don’t care if it’s winter, do it anyway.”


Not even the launcher starts for me…
A click and…nothing happens,not even the eve logo…

del * . * solves most of my pc issues.

What does that even mean?

Trade secret, my son.

I cannot…the launcher does not start :slight_smile:

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I’m messing with you. lol
" del * . * " means delete everything on the drive.

Everyone panic!!

If anybody else has this problem,create a new shortcut to the launcher from folder app-1.2.9 only this one works,not app 1.2.7 or 1.2.8…i guess the original shortcut points to the wrong(maybe renamed several times) folder for some strange reason for only some people…


Please don’t tell me you got your vet tag for going down with a sinking ship? :wink: :rofl:

The forums needs more humor like this.

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Was multi box mining today when the message was loss condition to chat.

Was that all it was?