EVE - Tranquility Server Down - 2021.11.01

EVE seems to be down at the moment. More than half an hour after the down-time and the Tranquility shard is in VIP mode and currently noone is logged in. Anyone has some info or thoughts about this?

EVE Down - 2021.11.01

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Ooof? Can we get some fresh server hampsters installed? I’ve not tried to login today.

Edit: Just tried, seems everything is working for me at 16:50 UTC

Server seems to have trouble starting again today - 2021.11.02:



I’ve been finding the game quite laggy in certain areas - accessing inventory, PI - and generally seems to slow animation down when moving cursor on screen (although not sure if this is my PC).


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the game really runs slow in the past weeks, doesn’t it? I noticed that too. they must have botched something in the back-end.

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EVE seems extra laggy and slow today. its like I’m in Tidi all the time.

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