Down for me or everyone - Tranquility Authentication Issues

FYI - I’ve checked Latest Posts before posting, but haven’t seen any updated in terms to Authentication that I’m experiencing at the moment.

This seems to have been running for the last 5 minutes with errors suggesting “The process your connected two has disconnected from the server” or something to that nature.

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It is down for everyone

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Yes, Me and another 6 on TS are unable to log back in

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It’s starting to work again now but everything went down for all

Goons are triyng to win the war.
Nothing unusual.

You Sir win a prize!!

The price is my gratitude for being the first to respond

@Mr_Raven_101 yet another reason to despise that lot

Authentication issues dropped and managed to get back in and down again

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yeah yeah yeah… like days of old.

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Could log in, got disconnected again. Is it a DDOS or what’s going on?

@Emka_Ottiett pretty much, @Mr_Raven_101 has the inside word that it’s Goons trying to win the war again

Logged back in and got kicked again. 0 players on server right now.

Glad I was docked up when it happened.

however, while we wait, lets all have a good old chuckle on this thred

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:tinfoil: Good start for EVE Anywhere.

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Goons can’t win a war when they can’t clap enemies as they fail to log into the game

Trying only…

I just got disconnected while jumping through the gates.
i have 4ms ping to TQ, dual channel fiber optics here:

OS: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter

Now it says:
The authentication token provided by the launcher is of an invalid format. Please try again or contact EVE customer support.

Any Idea CCP on whats going on CCP ?

Something is happening, some other services are going down, or it’s pure coincidence…

GMs are gonna have fun with all those reimbursement tickets.