Centaurs of the South - Looking for industrial pilots with a taste for blood

The proud centaurs are looking to expand their ranks to help accelerate our us push towards greatness. If you want to escape highsec, are done with null or don’t enjoy wormholes, then deep down you always wanted to be a pirate. Read ahead about all we have to offer.

We are a small group with an industrial focus that calls lowsec their home. Lowsec comes with its challenges and we do expect our members to pvp from time to time and spend some skillpoints towards being able to defend our home. However the possible rewards more then make up for it.

What we have to offer:

  • Capital construction
  • Small group PVP roams
  • BP library
  • Industrial infrastructure
  • New pilot friendly

So if that sounds like you. Come have a chat with us and maybe we can become your new home…

We are still looking for more players to join us.

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We are still open for new members

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We’re still recruiting

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Were slowly growing, but we can always use more pilots.

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We’re still looking for more pilots