Centaurs of the South - Looking for pilots with a taste for blood

The great Centaurs of the South are looking for combat pilots. This is your chance to become part of a small, learning, growing and constructive group of players. Given we are a small group we mainly focus our recruitment on the EU TZ, but if your self sufficient we welcome our friends from the US TZ with open arms (we have a couple guys there but not enough)

We originally started out as an industrial group operating in lowsec. However our pvp side hobby has taken over so much time that we decided it’s no longer fair to advertise ourselves as such. As someone pointed out to us, centaurs are equipped with bows and arrows, not pick axes and shovels and we agreed.

What we currently offer:

  • Multiple small gang lowsec roams a week.
  • The occasional roam into null.
  • Experienced pilots, true vets and newbro’s working as a team.
  • Content variation, we follow the fun and ISK.
  • Training for new players (you can fleet up on day 1!).
  • A tight but welcoming team (discord is active)

What we ask:

  • a working microphone to join in on discord
  • For newer players, a willingness to learn and ability to listen to advice.
  • For our vets, don’t be to bitter.

The list could be longer, but let’s leave something for when you decide you want to have a chat with us.

We are still looking for more players to join us.

A friendly bump to remind people we are still looking.

We are still open for new members

We still have room for more people to hang out with.

Still more pilots wanted.

A bumb to remind people we are out here.

We’re still recruiting

We still have slots left for people who want to join the fun in lowsec

Were slowly growing, but we can always use more pilots.

Still room for more people to join in on the lowsec frenzy.

Recruitment is open again.

We’re still looking for more pilots

Updated our post, recruitment is open!

Great bunch of guys growing in experience and fun to fly with. great asset to Radicalized Apes Alliance!

We are still looking for people to join our journey.

We are still open for new members

Still looking for more pilots, both experienced or new

Hey ! Can I have your discord tag for some question ?

Recruitment is open.