Char sold

(Evil Tendencies) #1

char sold

(Da7id) #2

That name is awesome. Have a free bump.

(clearnow) #3


(Evil Tendencies) #4

Da7id thx and bump

sry 62b is not enough

(MiB Zed) #5

if the toon is still for sale 70b buyout

(Evil Tendencies) #6

yes 70bil and bump

(MiB Zed) #7

ok ill offer the 70b then to buyout the toon

(Evil Tendencies) #8

Cool.Pls sent isk and your account name to me and i begin the transfer.

(MiB Zed) #9

isk sent account name sent via eve mail

(Evil Tendencies) #10

isk and account name received.I will begin the transfer now.Enjoy the char.