Character Bazaar Question

I had a bid which I was going to accept from a player but unable to get confirmation from them if they are still interested. Is there a time limit to when the buyer needs to respond or can I (with comment in the thread obviously) accept a previous offer from somebody else. I have not received payment or even contact from the bidder if they definitely wish to proceed with character transfer/payment.

Sounds like a question that might be better addressed in another section of the eve forums. Perhaps Market Discussion or General Discussion.

Yes, you are free to accept any offer you have received. As you said, do the courtesy of telling the one that you, at first, had accepted bid of :smile:

Thank you, they withdrew offer and now sold to another bidder… thanks for the assistance :slight_smile:

This may be a bit late, but the Character Bazaar is not a contract system. You can participate in a sale or auction thread and both you and the seller can change your minds at any time… up until payment is made, at which point if you receive the money you have to send the character (per the no-scamming rule) or send the money back.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the seller is bound by the “only one post per 24 hr” rule that Character Bazaar has, and that rule gets enforced even if he’s trying to have a valid on-topic discussion with you about the sale. So you have to be patient with how fast people can respond to you.

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