Character Bazaar Template Suggestion

I don’t know if it’s a feature of discourse forums but a mandatory template/form would be helpful for both buyers and sellers on the character bazaar for when creating a new sales post (IE you fill in the blanks rather than make a forum post or each step that must be followed is automatically filled in to the post and you paste your info below them).
There are quite a bit of rules that need to be followed that are not as obvious or get forgotten by many new sellers. Most posts don’t follow all the rules and get by (which is usually mostly fine) but quite often a post will start to get traffic and then be locked for breaking one or the other (usually a fairly serious one) rules.
Alternatively, a popup link while making a topic with step by step bullet points to follow would work too.
I know it’s on the poster to read the rules and reference them when making the post but I think the bazaar is a unique category with all its rules and in that sellers use it once and then are done with it.



Thanks for your suggestion. The CCL and the CT team will be looking into this.