Character Sold

If you’ve ever wanted a pure PVP pilot with no wasted skills, today is your lucky day.

This pilot was built from the ground up to be a specialist in sub-capital PVP. Highlights of this Pilot include:

  • 127 million combat oriented skill points, no wasted SP!!!
  • Over 100!! sub capital ships at mastery level 5! (and over 50 ships being mastery 4!)
  • 167 skills trained to level 5
  • 29 awesome skins including the Police Skin for the Megathron (currently selling for over 6 billion ISK in Jita!)
  • Only ever been in one corp with a pretty nice killboard to boot!
  • 2 Bonus remaps still available!

EveSkillboard link

Other stuff:

  • Currently located in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
  • -0.99 Sec Status (can still enter all of hi-sec so don’t worry!)
  • Currently in NPC corp

Don’t waste money on injectors!! at today’s value, starting from scratch to get to this amount of SP would require 535 large skill injectors! At current market value that equals to 375 billion ISK!! Don’t do it!!

So for only 140 billion, this cutting edge PVP specialist character could be yours for the taking.

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103 bil


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umm actually this would require 254 injectors at around 190 billion isk from scratch am i wrong?
127 mil / 500,000 = 254

You aren’t taking into consideration the diminishing returns after certain skill point thresholds.

After a character has 5 million SP they only receive 400k SP per large injector. After 50 mil that number is reduced to 300k SP per large injector. After 80 mil it is reduced to 150k per large skill injector.

So to get to my SP level would require:

10x Large Injector @ 500k SP each to reach 5 mil SP from 0.

112.5x Large Injector @ 400k SP each to reach 50 mil SP from 5 mil.

100x Large Injector @ 300k SP each to reach 80 mil SP from 50 mil.

313* Large Injector @ 150k SP each to reach 127 mil SP from 80 mil.

So those figures roughly total 535 injectors.

but you dont get those diminishing returns when you use all the injectors at the same time on a char with no sp do you?

Yes you do, because unallocated skill points is the same as regular skill points. Whether you have allocated them or not. If I have 5 million SP and 95 million unallocated SP, the game see’s me as having 100 mill SP. Then when I go to use another large skill injector, I will only receive 150k SP.

You can’t cheat the system. Also please keep this threads to bids only, not sure if it’'s within the rules to keep posting otherwise. Hope that info helps.

Accepted buyout offer, awaiting for ISK will then begin transfer.

Sending ISK and acc info

ISK received. Account transfer initiated.

Thanks for doing business, enjoy your new pilot!

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