Character Transfer and private information via api


if i were to sell a character via the bazaar, do i have to delete all bookmarks, chat channels joined, mailing lists joined, mails and contacts?

ive noticed the api displaying deleted mails on the external app (neocom), will these be wiped upon transfer?

Mails (and those in the ‘Communications’ tab), contacts (and notifications), bookmarks, and mailing lists you’re in are stored on EVE’s servers and aren’t deleted by transferring. Chat channels you’re currently in are stored by the client so the buyer won’t automatically be in those, but I’m not completely sure about the Player Channels (history of player created channels you’ve joined) section in the (list of chat) ‘Channels’ window as it persists with fresh client settings so I would guess that’s server side too. Chat channels (and I guess mailing lists too) you created will still be owned by the creating character, and transferred characters aren’t removed from the list of channel operators.

API keys are account based, so once a character is transferred from that account the character won’t be viewable with that API key. I think they fixed the ESI tokens persisting after a character transfer too.

thank you.

do eve mails expire?
because my eve mails contain not just mine but also my friends personal information. (eg names of our children, travel destinations among others)

regarding the api, i am referring to the buyer creating a new api and pulling the deleted mails (?)

I doubt mails expire, it’s certainly not time based. Remember that you have to empty your ‘Trash’ folder after deleting the mail too.

I don’t know if mails can be pulled from the API when deleted (it’s likely they can as they still exist) or after the trash folder has been emptied.

You can’t pull those off. Same chat channels, as soon as you click on forget button you can’t restore without knowing the name.

One thing is once a mail is deleted, its still in the Trash, make sure you empty the trash.

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