Character with May 2003 date of birth

I’m considering putting a very old character up for sale. It’s basically fresh with only 875k skill points but the date of birth is 2003.05.22.

Any interest?

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Could fetch a few space pennies…eveboard link necessary.

Here it is:

Hasn’t appeared on the top 250 list just yet but it should come in around 230 when it does. I expect eveboard trawl for the list periodically.

You should get a few offers north of 5B imo…only sticking point might be the name (but that’s just me).

Three billion ISK offer to start with

That’s rich coming from someone with a bunch of random numbers in their name :slight_smile:

I will bid: 3.2B

I bid: 3.75

To clarify for the trolls, 3.75b of course

6B B/O, ISK ready.

I don’t check mail in game so please reply here, thanks!

Hey there.
Have you already sold this char?
If not I would be interested.


Hello, I am very interested in this character. Offer 7b. Isk ready and will be on tonight, eutz.

Hello. Have you sold it already?

8 bil.

The character is still available.

How much do you want to sell, give a number?

Does it has any killboard stats?

7b You can!?

8 Bil, serious offer with ISK ready

9 kkk