Cheap and good transport

Viator, Occator. Micro Jump Drive etc.

start price 3kkk.

end date of the auction 13 may

I can do 3B

Hello. I’m sorry I didn’t answer right away. agreed. how is the deal done? to whom to translate this character?

They send you the isk in game and their account name.

You then send the isk to an alt. Log into your account online and pay 20$ to transfer it to their account

Isk and account name sent.

I’ve done everything. Thank you

from my side the deal is closed. I will later sell a character with 80+ kk SP

Gabriel Papus I can offer 45 ish Bil for it. Send me the skillbords!

Gabriel Papus had an extra 800m SP, I can offer 2b on all 5m SP characters you got and I will pay a Lil more if they have extra SP.

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