Choose your own NPC faction

I think it would be nice if you could choose your own NPC faction ‘tribe’ within your race, and have access to skins based on that choice. How cool would it be to have Thukker or Brutor skins for all of your ships. Your originating tribe should still be available even if you join a player corp.

A lightweight, ‘colour’, topic to be sure, but sometimes little things make all the difference to immersion in the game.


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You know let’s get csm in here @CSM as this would be great though make it so that every player can pick even after the account was made

There is literally no reason to notify the entire freaking CSM of some idea someone blurted out. You become less of a cute newbro and more of a nuisance by the day.

That doesnt notify csm for anything. Similar to the isds, you have to tag an individual csm member.

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