[Cinematic] The Battle of X47L-Q Pt. 2


On August 8th 2018 in the system of X47L-Q, a supercapital battle resulted in roughly 2.3 trillion ISK destroyed & a Northern Bloc Keepstar down. The stage was set for this action in a engagement on the 1st of August, which saw the reinforcement of the Keepstar’s armour and the destruction of ~10 trillion ISK in assets.

Unlike that first action over the Keepstar, Legacy & Pandemic Legion pre-moved the majority of their super wings from the south to aid their allies. Legacy supported the Imperium. Pandemic Legion rejoined their friends in the Northern Bloc.

Music Used:
Duck Shoot by Rupert Gregson-Williams
Battleborn by Brand X Music

Focus on Facts - http://newedenreport.com/

Nice video, especially the Rag that moonwalked out. Yet:

X47, 9-4, M-O and every big battle in EVE



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