Claws of the Demon Established 0.0 Corp Recruiting

Claws of the Demon is an established Sov Null PVP corporation.

Be who you want to be. Do what you want to do. Build the future. Destroy those in the way.

That’s not just our motto, that’s our true mindset.

We’re looking for pilots to join our growing community, so listed bellow are benefits of membership:

  • Active FCs within corp, alliance, and coalition-plenty of PVP action
  • Active corporation and alliance leadership-We actually log in!
  • We actually undock our caps and use them in PVP
  • Alliance SRP
  • Ratting space so you can drown in ISK

We only require a few things:

  • Active whenever RL lets you-No CTAs or mandatory time requirments
  • Be on Discord/Forums/Mumble
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself

To join stop by our in game public channel: “DCL2 Recruitment”

Still looking for members. Come make ISK, and get your PVP on

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