Client Crashed on Launching

My friend just got a new computer, but he failed to launch the EVE client on his new computer. I managed to get the launcher log file from him, and narrowed the issues down to one log output:
2020-07-12T23:52:37.702Z default error ClientCrash …\src\customwebpage.cpp in CustomWebPage::onProcessFinished : Client crashed with exitCode: 4

what could potentially cause the crash?

Same issue, other exitCode…
Is with me for atleast a week and it driving me nuts, main client seems to be stable but alts are randomly crashing.

ClientCrash …\src\customwebpage.cpp in CustomWebPage::onProcessFinished : Client crashed with exitCode: -2147483646

Warning: Rubber duck debugging here :smiley:

Here is mine:

ClientCrash …\src\customwebpage.cpp in CustomWebPage::onProcessFinished : Client crashed with exitCode: -1073741511

ExceptionLogger::logException “ClientCrash” “Client crashed with exitCode: -1073741511”

info: Received client process information from backend || [[{“username”:"***",“serverId”:“tq”,“crashed”:true,“isRunning”:false}]] 1

Client version: 1797682
Launcher: 1796697
UI Version: 6.4.15
OS: Windows 10

Fresh install, ran fix permissions and verify cache files with no change. Happy to perform any other troubleshooting steps.

Suspected theory: I have Firefox set as my default browser. Since the error appears to occur in the JS bundle, I wonder if it is doing something that Firefox as a backend browser doesn’t like.

Setting default browser to Microsoft Edge does not change anything.

I’ve turned on UI debugging, didn’t get any addition useful information.

Possible cause of the crash:

info: Unrecognized source of play click || [{“cmd”:“playbuttonclicked”,“sourceButton”:“PLAY_NOW”}] 1

Seems the server may not realize the play button click event came from the launcher?

Ran Process Monitor and noticed that LogLite was trying to talk to kubernetes.docker.internal. Removed this entry from my hosts file, and the logs seem to indicate that the launcher is getting further along with launching exefile. Still seeing those network calls, going to try a pc restart.

Yep, that was it.

Disabling the following hosts entries:

  • host.docker.internal
  • kubernetes.docker.internal

And restarting solved the issue. It would seem that in machines that have Docker installed, the Eve Online client thinks it’s probably on the CCP dev network. Hope this helps other users/ CCP solve this.

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