Cloak and Daggers Giveaway – Back to Fountain Raffle

Be one of us:
Join Cloak and Daggers Recruitment in game recruitment channel and lets have a chat.

Come on in guys :slight_smile:

Looking for a new corp? That’s why are here?

Still recruiting!


Still recruiting!

Open for business

Always open

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Giveaway still running

Recruitment center open. Come join us :smiley:

We are awesome and you can be too. :vulcan_salute: Not :zzz: corp

Wanna join? Were in recruitment channel

We want you to join our corp :slight_smile:

Recruiting still open. If you don’t find me in recruiting channel, DM me in game and we’ll take care.

Find me in recruitment channel. Ready for more recruits :slight_smile:

Were ready to recruit you!

Need PVP? We have it all; corp roaming, alliance fights, or if you just need to chill, you can keep spinning your boat on dock.

8 new (old) guys joined. Come be number 9 in a great active corp :smiley:

Dont be afraid. We dont cuddle. We bite…