Cloak and Daggers Giveaway – Back to Fountain Raffle

Nice snack yesterday :slight_smile:

kek missed it


Have a look and get in the game. Raffle available only for new members from Sep. 8 and up.

Fly with us!

Join us. Active alliance. Active corp. Lots of fun :slight_smile:

Let’s go boys and girls. You’re in for a treat. :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:

2bil? What’s not to like? This is not a scam, we are real, and we don’t like scams either.

Old corp member not included in this raffle.
But they participate to a different one, who gets the most kills for the next 3 months.
We treat everyone equally, we have bros in corp, not numbers.

4 new members. Wanna be the 5th? Join us :slight_smile:

Looking for a new corp?
Were still recruiting. Need a couple more :slight_smile:

:moneybag:Time is short, Raffle closing soon. Get on this while you still can. Cheers :moneybag:

Keep it coming

Still place for you!

Don’t be shy, we’re not :no_entry:

Still recruiting bois :slight_smile:

Always Open. We don’t :zzz: corpies every TZ


C’mon les bois

Yuup Come join us :smiley: