Close Please

As per the title - have not played since 2011 but am looking to try again.

Would like a solid PvP foundation with core skills and fitting skills. Love small ships up to BC size but understand BS can be useful.

Base skills are more important than ship size. Needs to be clean with good standings and a couple of nice ships as assets would be a bonus to start me off.

Initial thoughts are Minmatar skilled up to BC size and appreciate they are hard to skill given the mixes weapons and tank systems or Amarr focused curse pilot but will consider others if skilled well and does not carry lots of wasted points.

Please show me what you have and I will be quick to decide and will pay well for the right toon. (No stupid names or huge corp history please).

I am UK time zone and have isk on hand and would like to buy something sooner rather than later.

Thank you for your time.

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Budget increased - keen to find some thing

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