Send Price in game mail .

Man…300 isn’t even cool anymore. Stupid inflation.

If you will pay for skill injector (not extractor) price + books + implants I will sold you very good 05/2003 Character with very good name & killboard with fliing only expansive ships & 0 wast skills SP 100m± (Fork)

Cool rebel girl born on the 5th day of eve.

361 mil SPs, out of which 37.4 mil reallocable.

Mostly level 5 skills, very little waste.
Waiting for an offer tempting enough to part with this great character.
Will not reply to lowballs or “how much do you want” messages.

Please check your eve-mail.

Give me the mail price


Are you selling who I think you’re selling?

Make me an offer.

Perfect character, is it still on sale?