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Pilot with 82,575,656, focused on pvp.

Nice pilot in:

  • Logistics
  • Jump Freighters
    Great sub capital / Paladin / Carrier

No Wasted Skills
Start Bid: 70B
Incremental: 1B

I will not sell my cheap pilot, I decided to close the sale.

ain’t no way you’ll get 70 bil for this character…

i’ll make you an offer for 60 bil at best… take it or keep holding the bag

I bid 67 Billion ISK, I know it is not your starting bid but that is 5 Billion ISK above extraction price which is in my opinion a fair deal. Please let me know if you accept or not I will need about 30 min to an hour to gather the ISK.

Thank you for your offer, but I just put the pilot to sell, I’ll wait a few more days.

BUMP, :slight_smile:

Bump, :blush:

Bump, :smile:

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