Closed for extraction

all rules of ccp applied

You like precursor ships? well this is exactly what you need to start you eve alien career

  • Coming with 3 clones, one for learning faster and the 2 best high-grade elite clones for TRIV SHIPS
  • Only the clones are worth around 6bil isk!
  • All the needing skillbooks for precusor sub capital ships trained to 4 or injected, Ready to start Strong!
  • 6 days from Large precursor weapon lvl5 with the specialisation book already injected!
  • 12.7Mil 0 Wasted SP + no more hassle for buying skillbooks because the Precursor race and pvp skills are ready, overload like a dog, drink boosters like a madman, start to kill them all, yaaaaar :slight_smile: !

I just want a quick 8bil isk for BELGIAN PSYCHO, FAST SALE, ready to xfer right away, thank you

o7 - I am interested in your character, don’t quite have the isk yet, but I will keep in touch with the intention of buying :slight_smile:

7b bid