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Still looking! We have much to offer!

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That’s the sort of place this is, Jen. A lot of sexy people not doing much work and having affairs.

Still looking!

Got a few corps lined up. Do you want to join our PvP side? Or our Industry wing? We offer great content in both!

Still recruiting!

Still looking for corporations to join our growing alliance!

The corporation is stealing assets from its members.

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And back up!

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Still looking for more corporations! Come take advantage of our PvP/Indy/PvE Content!

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The Dredd - The Purification Project is using its pilots as expendable forces. Viewers discretion is advised.

We have lost the war.

Cool story bro.

[ 2018.02.07 20:53:53 ] Phaedrus G > killed me while i was afk in highsec, really?
[ 2018.02.07 20:54:06 ] Multifrequency > yes
[ 2018.02.07 20:54:13 ] Multifrequency > Kill: Phaedrus G (Raptor)
[ 2018.02.07 20:54:35 ] Phaedrus G >" you probably know this already, youre a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■"
[ 2018.02.07 20:54:59 ] Multifrequency > why do you say this?
[ 2018.02.07 20:55:05 ] Phaedrus G > im new to the game and this corp but word is you cant get a legit kill to save your life
[ 2018.02.07 20:55:13 ] Phaedrus G > because you attack an afk player
[ 2018.02.07 20:55:20 ] Multifrequency > why do you say negative words?
[ 2018.02.07 20:57:06 ] Phaedrus G > “bitch


Remind me to give that man a cookie.

Right, back to recruiting!

Hit us up if your interested in being part of a fast growing sov alliance with ambitious goals!