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Still looking! We have much to offer!

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Join now to be a part of something new!

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GIT GUD and come see what were about!!!

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That’s the sort of place this is, Jen. A lot of sexy people not doing much work and having affairs.

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Still looking!

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Got a few corps lined up. Do you want to join our PvP side? Or our Industry wing? We offer great content in both!

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Still recruiting!

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Still looking for corporations to join our growing alliance!

(Kevin Pulse) #10

The corporation is stealing assets from its members.

(Crash Maxin) #11

And back up!

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Bumpity bump!

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Still looking for more corporations! Come take advantage of our PvP/Indy/PvE Content!

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Lots going on in Tenerifis, great content for all! Come help make a impact in a growing alliance and coalition!

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Small corporation? Come grow with us!

Large corporation? We have bags of content for you!

(Multifrequency) #17

The Dredd - The Purification Project is using its pilots as expendable forces. Viewers discretion is advised.

We have lost the war.

(Crash Maxin) #18

Cool story bro.

(Multifrequency) #19

[ 2018.02.07 20:53:53 ] Phaedrus G > killed me while i was afk in highsec, really?
[ 2018.02.07 20:54:06 ] Multifrequency > yes
[ 2018.02.07 20:54:13 ] Multifrequency > Kill: Phaedrus G (Raptor)
[ 2018.02.07 20:54:35 ] Phaedrus G >" you probably know this already, youre a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■"
[ 2018.02.07 20:54:59 ] Multifrequency > why do you say this?
[ 2018.02.07 20:55:05 ] Phaedrus G > im new to the game and this corp but word is you cant get a legit kill to save your life
[ 2018.02.07 20:55:13 ] Phaedrus G > because you attack an afk player
[ 2018.02.07 20:55:20 ] Multifrequency > why do you say negative words?
[ 2018.02.07 20:57:06 ] Phaedrus G > “bitch

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Remind me to give that man a cookie.

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Right, back to recruiting!

Hit us up if your interested in being part of a fast growing sov alliance with ambitious goals!