Closed - Sold

Selling my alt. Primarily used for exploration, hauling, research, and PI while living in WH space.

Has never been in offensive combat vs players or NPC, has 0.0 security status with perfect standings.

Remap Available

Sale includes fit Heron to get you started. Bidding starts at 10bil

EVE Board Link:

  • Wallet Balance: 5 Million ISK

  • Kill Rights: None

  • Jump Clones: None

  • Location: Docked in Jita 4-4 (Will move to station of your choice in hi-sec if Jita does not work for you)

Bidding will end 10-28 04:00

12 bil

12.1 b

12.2 bil


19 bil isk ready

Bidding ends in just under roughly 10.5 hours, 0400 EVE time.

Current high bid:

Bidding closed, going to Carlotta. Will PM

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