Closed - Thanks for all the offers :)

Hi guys,
Used to play Eve 12 years ago, giving it another go. I’m on a new character have been running L3 missions and doing some exploring in High Sec but starting to get tired of running the same missions every day. Looking for a change and a bit of excitement,
Would like to find a new home in null-sec where i can have a laugh, make some Isk and get a few ships blown up.
Send me a mail or convo in game im pretty active.

Currently flying a t2 fitted GIla (most of my skills went into flying this ship)
Have about 8-9 days to go to finish training to fit out my domi (sentry drones take forever!!)

Still looking

Join the Sith Navy. We are looking for members that like you are active. We live in a wormhole with members from our alliance and we are all very active. We are a very close group that love to find content. Message me in game and come talk to us.


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