CLOSED WtB char Today Sunday aprox 15-22m 17b ready

The character will be used for contracts and scouting, SKILLS DONT MATTER. i want the character now to use the promo / MCT

  • MUST have decent name and one respect at least. Because i go to use as contracts, cant be LOLARTHASXXX or similar.
  • I have 17b, not more. Maybe i pay less if you char have not the skill points.
    Answer the thread

Interested? Quantum Anomaly

Transfer takes 10h dont forget

I wait some hours more, because i want more female chars but if not post someone a female, i do.

@Exordiumi yes, the problem is get someone, ready for activate the offer before downtime

Still interested? What are you offering?

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Yes, i am interested with 17b. Give me one minute and i send.

Need the transfer be done in an hour aprox, currently selling one char and the transfer finish in on hour aprox.

isk and account sent

Already recday, the character of mine is aout then can tramsfer when you want

received, transfer initiated

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