[CLOSED] WTS 37M SP Miner / Science / Jump Freighter Char


Science Oriented Character
Positive Wallet
No kill rights
In Jita4-4
In NPC Corp
2 Bonus Remaps Available
Can use Freighter (Providence)
Can use Jump Freighter (Ark)
Can use Hulk Mackinaw Skiff

Opening Bid : 35B

35b b/o thats 1b per 1 mil


Agreed. You can send isk to this character to initiate transfer…

As no respnse from MsBarcode the auction is active again…

Bump selling…

35B b/o, available until probably this time tomorrow. Thanks for consideration

Agreed. Send the isk to character and I will start the transfer…

Isk sent to 1441039 along with an eve mail with account information.

ISK and account recieved. Initiating transfer…


Transfer made…

transfer copy

Shows incoming on my account. Thank you for the sale.

Glad to find her a new home. Fly safe…

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