[Closed] WTS 97,7m PVP/PVE Char


No killright
Positive Wallet
Located in Jita, Jumpclone in In 1H4V-O V - Moon 2 - True Power Logistische Unterstützung*
both Standard Implants

Any questions? PN me

80B offer

Sounds good, but the others should also have a chance.

81B offer

82B offer

83B offer

84B offer

85b offer

Ok, that should be enough, i´m happy about.

Pls send the ISK and the new Accountinformation and i will transfer the Char.

85.5B offer, ISK in hand are you willing to trade

If Victus hasn’t paid untill downtime tomorow , we have a deal :wink:

No reaction from Victus, now it´s your turn Cysss

ISK sent

and you saved 0,5B :upside_down_face:

ISK are transfered and the Char ist on the way… time is running

Transfer Completely