(CLOSED) WTS Genolution Capsule Main 8.7m SP

This account has the Genolution ‘Auroral’ AU-79 Capsule Implant.

Transfer will be paid by myself

B/O 23B

IGN - Kenzo Rin
Wallet - ISK Positive
Skill Points - 8,707,037
Corporation - State War Academy
Kill Rights - None
Jump Clones - None
Current Location - Isendeldik VII - Moon 19 - Six Kin Development Warehouse

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What was your reply? @Ordientona

He offer 23b dont reply in an hour and then edit and retract

Oh that was my mistake. I was at work and couldnt reply. @Ritek thank you.

@Ordientona if you would like to offer again. I can accept and have character transferred Friday morning and on your account friday afternoon.