[CLOSED] WTS/WTA 27.4 m skill points multipurpose char (94k unallocated skill points)

Name: Vaneya
27.4 m skill points

PW: 123789

Starting bid: 18b
Buyout: 23b
Reserve: hidden (will be revealed when met)

Auction ends 15 December at 19:00 hrs. Eve time or when buyout is met.

ISK to Vaneya please.
All CCP rules apply.

Vaneya is located in Jita,
has a positive wallet,
no kill rights,
positive sec-status,

1 bonus remap,
94k unallocated skill points,

several pre-injected skills.

5 x +4 Implants.

Vaneya can fly:

  • Assault Frigs (Gallente)
  • Combat Recons (Gallente + Caldari)
  • Force Recon Ships (Gallente + Caldari + Concord)
  • Covert Ops (Gallente + Concord)
  • Electronic Attack Ship (Gallente)
  • Exhumers
  • Orca
  • HACs ( (Gallente + Caldari)
  • Interceptors (Gallente)
  • Logistics (Gallente + Caldari)
  • Logistic Frig (Gallente)
  • Stealth Bomber (Gallente)
  • Strategic Cruisers (Gallente + Caldari)
    … and lots of normal ships :wink:

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Happy bidding :slight_smile:

Tick …

Tock …

Tick …

Tock …

21 b b/o

Thx Mutsukio!
Offer accepted as b/o.
Please send the ISK to me and
an ingame mail with the account name for the transfer.
Have fun o7

isk will be send from my alt Mustsu Maa

isk and account name is send

Both received. Thx!
I need to check/prepare the char (about 30 mins.) then the transfer will be started.
Please keep in mind that the transfer needs 10 hours due to CCP rules.

Thank you

Transfer started.
Have fun o7

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