[CLOSED] WTS/WTA 7.7m + 1.7m free skill points char

Name: MeMe MeMeMe
7.7 m skill points + 1.7m unallacated skill point
= 9.4m skill points

PW: 123789

Starting bid: 4b
Buyout: 7b
Reserve: hidden (will be revealed when met)

Auction ends 23 December at 20:00 hrs. Eve time or when buyout is met.

ISK to MeMe MeMeMe please.
All CCP rules apply.

MeMe MeMeMe is located in Jita,
has a positive wallet,
no kill rights,
positive sec-status,

1 bonus remap,
1 yearly remap,

2 x +4 implants,
1 jump clone with 5x +3 implants.

Clean corp history (never joined a corp).

MeMe MeMeMe can fly:

  • Praxis Battleship
  • Gnosis Battlecruiser
  • Some Caldari T1 ships
  • Caldari Interceptors
  • You can use the free skill points to improve his ship-skills etc…

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Happy bidding :slight_smile:

Ping …
… char still available!

Char still available :slight_smile:

Only few hours left!!!

Auction failed. No bids :wink:

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