(Loainnra) #1

WTS miself

Great PvP Pilot
Perfect Main

All CCP rules apply
Positive wallet.
Positive Sec Status.
Remap 1 availble
No Kill right
1M Sp Unllocated
Located in Jita at the moment of sale.

Starting Bid 75 Bill
B/O - 90 Bill

I will receive ISK from the sale.
I will pay the Transfer Fee to CCP

(Absolute Truth) #2

75b offered

(Gattanera) #3

76 bil

(Loainnra) #4

Day Bump

(Loainnra) #5

80b Ig offered

(Loainnra) #6

Day Bump
Comon for this nice toon

(Riley aschoff) #7

o Vouldve sworn I ppsted buyout for 90

(Felurians) #8

Two for sale posts. Be careful.

(Loainnra) #9

I said Accepted for 90 B/o awaiting u ig … sorry double post doesnt trashed by mod

(Loainnra) #10

No new from buyer… awaiting a moment (next downtime) and restart

(Loainnra) #11

24h without new from last bid…

Restart Auction

Curently ave a 80b offer in game…

(Zotreg) #12

82 bil b/o accepted ingame, please confirm.

(Loainnra) #13

82 B/o ig offer accepted
waiting isk and info

(Zotreg) #14

isk and acc info sent

(Loainnra) #15

Isk receiveid

(Loainnra) #16

transfert started
Final at 08/09/2018 01:13:05

(system) #17

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