(Razalon) #1

Hello o/,
i´am selling a 4,9m Character

Look Link and make Offers! o/

(Nanashi Manbeater) #2

Confirm, iam for Sale :stuck_out_tongue:

(Isaac Galang) #3

Hmm, 3.2b opening bid.

(Nanashi Manbeater) #4

End is 23.09.2018 CEST PM 2:00

(Nanashi Manbeater) #5


(Nanashi Manbeater) #7


(Isaac Galang) #8

Oh, my offer no good?

(Isaac Galang) #9

Odd, he didn’t even try to get me to increase my bid. I’ve bought after the buyer asked for a slightly higher price before…

(system) #10

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