VNI Starter Pilot with 5.6mil SP located in Jita

  • Good drone skills
  • 1 remap avaible
  • Positive wallet
  • implants:
    • Ocular Filter - Standard
    • Memory Augmentation - Standard
    • Neural Boost - Standard
    • Cybernetic Subprocessor - Standard
    • Social Adaptation Chip - Standard
    • Zainou ‘Gypsy’ CPU Management EE-603
    • Poteque ‘Prospector’ Astrometric Acquisition AQ-706
    • Poteque ‘Prospector’ Astrometric Rangefinding AR-806

B/O 5.5 bil.
The Transfer will be paid by me through plex.

3.5b offer

4 bill


bump. Need more isk )

5bil offer

Offer accepted. Waiting isk and account info from Captain Irishal Riter.

Isk sent account name in transaction thankyou.

Isk and account info received. I’ve made a support ticket for transfer character to your account. Thx.

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