(Reginaldthe4th Charante) #1
Capital Industrial Ships 5
Industrial Reconfiguration 5
Mining Drone Operation 5
Mining Drone Specialization 5
Drone Interfacing 5
Invulnerability Core Operation 4

Exhumers 3
Mercoxit Processing 4 - T2 crystal

npc corp, wallet at zero, no kill rights, sec status 4,3
b/o 35b

(Boutdechoux Malhorne) #2

17.5B maybe a bit more if i sell some stuff i let you know

(Alphaeleven Ishikela) #3

20b ready now to start

(phantom lord zaja) #4

21b offer

(Hia Jez) #5

22 bill

(Alec Shardani) #6

25 bil

(Alex prestelelit) #7

26 bil

(Roman Inkunen) #8


(CheJun Fan) #9

27 bil

(Alex prestelelit) #10


(CheJun Fan) #11


(Alex prestelelit) #12

32bil B/o
1mil sp for 1bil isk seems fair

(name Tsuruomo) #13

35 bil B/o
isk sent :slight_smile:

(Reginaldthe4th Charante) #14

where to transfer the character?

(name Tsuruomo) #15

I’ve sent an eve mail
soz haven’t done this in a while

(Reginaldthe4th Charante) #16

12.01.2019 23:30:13

(name Tsuruomo) #17

cool, I’m receiving the character

(name Tsuruomo) #18

cool, character is received, its just he’s still attached to another goonauth account and it kinda makes it difficult to register him in the corp I’m at .