67 bil

Thanks for the offer.
Anyone notice any skills i am missing? I need stuff to put in the que after acceleration control.

68 bil

Increase my Visibility.
Bathe in the glorious V’s
Not a haiku.

Now this is Panda, from Mexico.
Very good stuff. This is Bava,
different, but equally good. And
this is Nom de Pwn from the Hartz
Mountains of Germany. Now the
first two are the same, forty-five
an ounce – those are friend prices
– but this one…
(pointing to the Nom de Pwn)
…this one’s a little more
expensive. It’s fifty-five. But
when you shoot it, you’ll know
where that extra money went.
Nothing wrong with the first two.
It’s real, real, real, good ■■■■.
But this one’s a fuckin’ madman.

Nobody keen on focused Super alts or Pulp fiction quotes?
Find me something to train please, or bid!!

64 bil

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