T2 Indy Core

BOs Accepted Looking to close auction Monday evening & transfer.

15B Offer

20 b.

Thanks for the offers

22 b.

23 bill

@MR-RENS Happy to accept the 23B Offer. Am around this evening to initiate transfer on receipt of ISK if you would like.

I can take it 23 bil as well

Thank you @Isu_Peiken - I think I need to let @MR-RENS have an opportunity to get back to me by tomorrow night when I originally said the auction would close. If not you can have it at that time if you still want it.


25b b/o right now

Thanks @Alec_Niminen but think I need to honour the offer I made earlier.

I’ll do the 23? transfer to Cynthia Jones?

Yes please.

No ISK received - closing auction & re-starting

wait, how about my bid?

Your’re right - my apologies happy to make that trade.

i will be home in like 2-3 hours

No worries - I’ll be around until 21:30.

okay, I will send ask and account info when I got home. :smile: