pass 123
Created 2006-12-01

Have high standing to
Ammatar - 6,76
Amarr - 6,16
Caldari - 6,07
Khanid - 5,64
Excellent social skills
Working with 6 R&D agents 4 lvl

Char have Caldari/Gallente BS at 4lvl and can do missions with Rattlesnake.
Have good missile and drone skills
Drone Interfacing 5
Heavy Drone Operation 5
Good shield skills

Can fly amarr transports
Cybernetics 5
Great PI skills
Good trade skills

positive wallet
no kill rights
sec.status - 5.00

Buyout - 29b

All CCP rules aplly, i will pay transfer’s fee

I’m for sale

23 bil

Still for sale
Waiting for better offers :wink:

25bill ready to pay

Thx for offer, but i want more for that char .
Still for sale…

Lowered buyout - 29b
Still for sale…

Still for sale…

Char is stripped for injectors
Auction is ended

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