Lets make some deals.

Mmmm sexy Mimir

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Still looking for buyers.

To the top

Victor and Virtuoso added.

Bump for the top.

Bump it up.

To the top.

Bump it.

Another AT ship (Utu) down for Mr. Fredrick Vonhole. Bump it up.

Clearly, it only takes an offer I can’t refuse.

5t for all of them :upside_down_face:

I will , just until they are at that price. Then I edit it down to 3-4t :smiley:

I love how the only time you get a fast response from Cody is if you talk ■■■■ about ATs :heart:

Never saw you post that fast before :smiley:

Regretted purchasing off an AT reseller :thinking:

Usual yearly “I am showing off how rich I am” post from ZC :wink:

Bump it up.

You’re strength is weakening

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