Not looking for anymore items at this time.

Still looking for the above items. Feel free to comment or mail me.

What? Are you sure? 3.5 billion? How?
Aren’t these all still on the NES?

I’ll check my inventories, but that’ll take a while.

@yellow_parasol Only the prototype and wreckage sleeves are on the NES currently.

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Still looking. Bump

I have L+R Drone sleeve but 7b for the set is too low.
10b and i will set up contract, items in Jita

I’ll do 10b thats fine.

setting up contract Jita 4-4

Updated the list, added more apparel item’s I’m looking to buy.


Still looking for some items. Bump

Added more items to the list. Bump.

Been going through a dozen accounts by now, still not through them all. I rarely get to use my notebook, so I’m using the time to look through what I can.

I have this one, but in Green. Not sure it’s the same?

@yellow_parasol unfortunately not the same, and significantly less in vaule, but I would still be interested in buying if your willing to part with it. I’ll offer 225mil. (it’s sitting at 331mil jita sell but price history is anywhere from 170-355)

You would sell it for 100 million less than what I could get if I move it to Jita?


Anyhow, I’ll keep looking.

@yellow_parasol they don’t generally sell that high (off and on) but I can do 285mil since you are going through the hassle of looking around for me. (should you find a lot of apparel I’d be interested, the list above is just generally what I’m looking for atm but I’m open to anything at a fair price)

I have SO many … I’ll make you a list, but it will take me at least another week.

I can actually use the money, I’m planning an event. :blush:

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I’ll do the looking glass monacle interface (right/gold) for 8b

I can do 7.5b at most for the right monocle. Not in a hurry to buy.

List updated.

I will accept 7.5. Heading to Jita to make contract

Accepted contract. Thanks.