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is it still available for sale?

pm me for informations regards

of course it is. was bumped 2 hours ago :smiley:

@Ukono_Miyamoto all the info you need is in this post

can i have it at the end of the month. i will send 10% of the byout price in game to put on hold for him

@Ukono_Miyamoto Not sure if that’s allowed to be honest , but you are the Highest bidder at 120b it’s yours whenever u are ready doubt anyone will outbid you :slight_smile:

(And even if someone outbids , canl give u plenty of time to counter it if u like)

ok fine by me

is the character active or not playable since a long time ago?

Not sure what you mean…

Daily bump

im ready to transfer contact me ingame for further steps

You send isk and transfer information to this char and I initiate the transfer. Takes 10 hours then the char is on the requested account of your choice.

transfer fees are yours?

Yep 100% it is not allowed to pay for someone elses transfer fee. (Forum rules)

i have to rethink sorry for the mess

For sale

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