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Thread closed.

(KayGreat 113) #2

I am for sale.

WTB super pilot
[WTB] Archon / Thanatos pilot
(Asverty) #3

28 bil

(Miss Devious) #4

To the top.

(Miss Devious) #5

Will also look at swaps for a Paladin Alt

(Miss Devious) #6

Bump :slight_smile:

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(Miss Devious) #9

thats 8 bill lower then the first bid, so will have to decline.

(Inevitability) #10

Understood, but that person is overbidding and I don’t think they’ll pay it. Let me know if you change your mind. I have ISK ready now.

(Miss Devious) #11

No chance mate,

(Nerdz Rool) #12

Your sale thread is missing information required by the rules of this forum.

(Miss Devious) #13

Withdrawing From market to refine skills. Thank you all for interest.

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