(Pidor Panora) #1

Buying T2 blueprint original raven.
Tell me your price.

Best regards pidor

(Dirty Bint) #2

So you want a Raven BPO or a Golem BPO?

Golem BPOs don’t exist.

(Pidor Panora) #3


(Keno Skir) #4

What’s a T2 Raven when it’s at home?

(Pidor Panora) #5

Huh? At home? Raven is a strong ship😀 T2 is Better then normal (t1).

(Marcus Luttrell Khan) #6

There is no T2 Raven. Do you mean the Raven Navy Issue?

(Keno Skir) #7

Sorry i should have clarified instead of asking a question.

There is no such thing as a T2 Raven.

There you go, hope that’s more clear.

(Pidor Panora) #8

Ye, a misstake. but I do not think there is any blueprint for navy right?

(Marcus Luttrell Khan) #10

I believe there are BPCs, not BPOs, however someone with more knowledge would be able to give you more insight.

(system) #11

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