Fitted astra and a medium pos and a small pos.
You can also buy some ships in the wormhole, which are:

  • 1x Golem 3B
  • 1x Vargur 3B
  • 2x Leshak 1.2B (each)
  • 1x Nestor 1.5B
  • 1x Naglfar 5B
  • 2x Rolling Megathron 250m (each)
  • 1x Rolling Tempest 300m
    (all fitted)
    3.5B for the astra and the 2 poses, comes with free rolling praxises, scanning ships and fuel. Optional ship prices are negotiable.
    squash#8950 on discord for exact fits and anything else you need.



Hello Austin, I might also be interested in the nag. Could you email me the fit?

What would you take for all of it?

I can do 14b for all of it

Hi. I mailed you the fit.

still up for sale

still available

hello i messaged you ingame

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