D Kayyne Hamalia I can offer 2B

I can do 2.5b

Honestly? Please do not take me for a fool who doesn’t at least bare minimum know the Injector Value of my character.

I was just following the bidding. I’ve not long returned to the game and don’t know the injector values, just shopping within my budget.

Would you accept 3b? If not what are you hoping to get?

Being perfectly honest: I’m looking for 5bil minimum. If I get that bare minimum bid or better within the next 7 days I’ll sell it to the highest bid if 5bil is reached on the 30th. Otherwise I’m just going to buy the 7day omega pack, some extractors and liquidate his remaining 7 (soonish 8) injectors worth of SP myself in a week. Bumpity bump and editing the main page now to reflect this:

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