6 bil.

7.5 bil buyout offer

8.5 B

8.7 bil

9 bil

10 B.

11 bil

13b buy out

@Captian_Jumper Seems to me the OP specified a duration for the Auction and a buyout value.

I always wonder why people put “buyout offer” or some such after their bid. What does adding that tag do to differentiate between your bid and someone elses bid? You aren’t offering the buy out price, so it isn’t a buy out offer at all.

I know it’s tiny and matters less than the pope’s opinion on anything, but i see it a lot and always wondered if maybe i was missing something :slowparrot:

truth is I just saw so many other people do it… guess I started following the crowd :frowning: but no more, sir, no more.

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