This is closed, i fear.

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Recruitment is open for all!

And we’re still recruiting, now giving free cookies!

And we’re still recruiting!

Hello Ocelot,

I really like what you are in the progress of doing here, ‘kudos’!

We (WHSOC) want to wish your Corp well as content creators of EVE, this is good and I support that in every way.

*Just in case you get in a bind out there in WH space or are looking to expand your groups content; give us a call.

We are growing, exploring, experiencing, as well as having a ton of fun together WH Alliance. Our Corporations have a great working relationship with each other. If you eventually are looking into joining an Alliance, a group of online friends really, then do not hesitate to reach out to us.

:eye: We are always looking for small/med/large corps to join our ranks and make an immediate impact on EVE and it’s content.

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